Sunday, July 24, 2011

Norway and Canadian Misinformation Brokers (Let's Get Back To Our Own Vision)

Writers and pundits, including some in Canada, who have been trumpeting this “America Alone” stuff need to remember that they may think they are making a logical argument, but the disaffected (esp. male, esp. young) will seize upon it as evidence of a conspiracy and a reason for their own frustration. I am deeply saddened about what happened in Norway. I am terrified that this the kind of hatred is being trumpeted by so-called pundits, religious leaders and politicians. I hope Canadian Conservative parties will realize their majorities do not lie in catering to this fringe, chuck the extremists out, and return to Canadian style conservatism. And that the left remembers they are just as liable to intolerance. I won’t be commenting further on this post. People are dead. And I’m not interested in arguing politics today. Here’s the link

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