Saturday, December 11, 2010

What this blog will focus on

This blog should be up by Monday. It will focus on Eugenics in Canada and around the world.

I'll also provide regular updates about my book: Eugenics and the Firewall: Canada's Nasty Little Secret. This book is published by J.Gordon Shillingford Publishing and Distributed by the University of Toronto Press. and represented by the Literary Press Group of Canada. It's also available on-line and in bookstores. (We are working to correct the messed up listings online and on bookstore computers. In the meantime: head over to Vision of Canada blog to find out more

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  1. Jane, I am really looking forward to regular updates. Eugenics has always been a temptation, and people who mistake it for a science seldom want to look at the evidence.

    I am reading your book slowly because of the need to take in the fact that so many well-meaning people got caught up in deciding which of their neighbours should be prevented from having kids.